End the Suffering of Stray Dogs & Cats

The streets of Thailand are home to millions of stray dogs and cats. Many of them are sick or seriously injured and won’t make it without life-saving emergency treatment. This is YOUR chance to help them.

Soi Dog Foundation treats and sterilises over 1,000 dogs and cats every month. With no government funding, this work is only possible because of people like you, who have become members of the Emergency Response Team. If more animals are to be saved, we need YOU to join the team.

Chacris had burning hot oil thrown over him in an unbelievable act of savage cruelty. He was left with horrendous burns and blisters the length of his body and had to be rushed to our shelter for emergency medical treatment.

You may not be in Thailand, but by joining the Emergency Response Team, you will be saving the lives of desperately sick or injured animals that have nobody else to turn to.

Luckily, Chacris survived and overcame his ordeal. Thanks to people just like YOU, thousands of dogs like him have been rescued, but many more need help.

The suffering stray animals of Thailand desperately need you on their side. You are the only hope they have. Will you please join the Emergency Response Team today to help them?


Join the Emergency Response Team today and help dogs like Chacris.

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Luckily, Chacris survived and overcame his ordeal.