End the Suffering of Stray Dogs & Cats

The streets of Thailand are home to millions of stray dogs and cats. Many of them are sick, seriously injured, or targets of abuse. They won’t make it without life-saving emergency treatment. This is YOUR chance to help them.

Cola had both his front legs hacked off with a sword in a vicious attack. His crime had been to chew the next door neighbour’s shoes. Losing a lot of blood and in agonising pain, Cola was in need of urgent specialist treatment if he was to survive. Support from people like you meant we could transfer him to a private clinic in Bangkok, where once stabilised, he underwent surgery.

Cola had both his front legs severed with a sword for having chewed a pair of shoes.

Please watch this short film, to see her story.

You may not be in Thailand, but by joining the Emergency Response Team, you will be saving the lives of desperately sick or injured animals that have nobody else to turn to.


Join the Emergency Response Team today and save innocent dogs like Cola.

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The violent attack on Cola left him in agonising pain and at death's door.


Thanks to people like you, he survived and now has a wonderful life.